B-Flexy-Cellustop is a device for body shaping and cellulite fighting

B-Flexy Cellustop is an innovative device for sculpting your body, cellulite control and making your skin a more toned.

Sessions with B-Flexy-Cellustop devices can help you remove skin irregularities, cellulite of any grade, change shapes of your body by bringing it closer to desired dimensions.

B-Flexy-Cellustop hi-tech devices impact body areas through a handpiece, smartly developed design and high absorb power of which help to get exciting results!

Use of a new B-Flexy device

массаж воротниковой зоны
Collar zone
Массаж живота
массаж спины
массаж бедер
массаж ягодиц
массаж бедер передняя часть
Front thighs
массаж ног
Outer thighs
массаж стоп

B- Flexy – new word in aesthetic field. It’s the workstation for non-surgical body shaping, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, lifting & more.
Pulse wave from the vacuum - roller stimulation of skin layers activates collagen synthesis and creates lymph drainage effect which results in volume  & cellulite reduction, lax skin tightening, fat pockets contouring, buttock lifting.
B-Flexy is safe, painless treatments for all skin types, and provides the following immediate and long term results for the body:

  • Non-surgical Body Contouring
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Circumferential Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Slimming process

B-Flexy workstation is designed with the beauty salon owners and their clients in mind. Recommended treatments are pre-programmed into the system and can be easily adjusted at any time during the procedure.

  • Innovative 3D Sense of Line technology for intensive and direct work with problem zones
  • 20 pre –programmed treatments for each and every body part
  • 30% increase in capacity 
  • Upgraded software
  • Noise Edit system
  • Easy to combine with other treatments


Product range of B-Flexy-Cellustop


We present you B-Flexy-Cellustop devices for body shaping and skin lifting.

Basic configuration is represented by silent and powerful device, which is 30 % more powerful and 40 % more silent than previous generation. B-Flexy-Cellustop is equipped with a new headpiece “3D Sense of Line” and has modern stylish design.

Medium configuration – is represented by new generation device, which works powerfully and silently. Like a basic Cellustop configuration, medium configuration includes a new headpiece “3D-Sense of Line”. Medium configuration also includes modern touch screen and presets.. Details
Models of Maximum configuration – are the most powerful and high-technical “B-Flexy” models. This configuration is represented by a silent powerful device with 2 handpieces, i.e. new “3D-Sense of Line” handpiece and an additional “mini” handpiece for collar zone and feet. You can control presets (20 presets) through a modern touch screen. Details

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