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With B-Flexy you don’t need great additional investments to make your beauty business even more amazing!

Devices are used in 21 countries
Over 1000
devices sold
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B-flexy devices
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We offer B-FLEXY – hi-tech cosmetology equipment used for body shaping procedures.

Our offer is for those interested in expanding the range of their cosmetology services while avoiding large scale investments. It is also suitable for those who want to start a cosmetology business “from scratch”, because to set up you work with a B-flexy device you need only a bare minimum. Our device will help you attract new clients and offer the existing ones amazing results.

Mechanical body shaping procedure
No.1 in the world

Many women are concerned with this issue: How do I lose weight and get rid of cellulite?
It is possible with a B-flexy device.

No cellulite
Lower body size
Lower weight

What is the secret of B-flexy success?

B-flexy — is one of the most sought after ways
of mechanical body shaping and cellulite elimination

We can describe the principle of B-flexy operation as follows. Thanks to powerful suction, vacuum is created inside the handpiece during the procedure, which in turn stimulates various levels of skin.
Fat sells filled with water start the lipolysis process which leads to their natural elimination. Due to its pronounced lymph drainage effect, the B-flexy procedure serves to speed up discharge of water and toxins from intercellular spaces, stimulates skin elasticity restoration process (due to stimulation of fibroplastic сells division), facilitate decrease of subcutaneous fat layer. This pleasant procedure gives powerful natural stimulation to the entire body, perceived as every centimeter of the body «breathing easily».

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Purchasing cosmetology equipment is an ideal tool of development for your beauty business

The B-flexy procedure is one of the trendiest salon procedures, because it has demonstrated the highest effect in fighting cellulite. A beauty salon equipped with such a device, will bring objectively high income on modest investment due to stable demand for the procedure and its obvious effect.


What are advantages of purchasing a B-flexy device?

Minimal investments

The price for European analogues of B-FLEXY workstation is more than two times bigger

  • Distribution of information about your beauty salon in our web-site for the clients to locate it easily
Attracting of new clients

High efficiency of the treatment contributes to fast spread of references. So your clients bring you more new clients.

Guaranteed effect from the treatment

Big amount of positive responses in social networks serve as confirmation.

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What`s included in the cost of our device?

Free domestic delivery and installation of the equipment
Free tutorial with the personal certification
Advertising of your showroom at our sites and mass media
Warranty and post-warranty handling
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